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Walking tours in Ibiza are safe and fun for a few reasons:

Experienced Guides: Walking tour companies in Ibiza typically employ experienced and knowledgeable guides who are familiar with the area and can help keep you safe. They can also provide interesting facts and stories about the history, culture, and architecture of the island, making the tour both informative and enjoyable.

Group Safety: Walking tours in Ibiza are typically conducted in groups, which provides an added layer of safety. There is safety in numbers, and being part of a group can help deter any potential safety risks.

Well-Maintained Routes: The walking routes used by tour companies in Ibiza are typically well-maintained and safe, with clear signage and marked paths. This helps to prevent any accidents or injuries that could occur due to poorly maintained areas.

Island Safety: Ibiza is a safe destination for tourists, with low levels of crime and a strong police presence. The island is also known for being welcoming and hospitable to visitors, which can make walking tours a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Eco-Friendly: Walking tours in Ibiza are an eco-friendly way to explore the island, as they don’t rely on motorized transportation. This makes them a great option for travelers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy a more sustainable form of tourism.

Overall, walking tours in Ibiza are safe and fun due to experienced guides, group safety, well-maintained routes, a safe destination, and an eco-friendly approach to tourism.


Active Ibiza Walks are a healthy way of connecting with the beauty of the island. Our walking guides have a thousand miles of experience, and can take you to the hidden gems – places of idyllic tranquillity – with breathtaking views. Our personalised walks cater for all levels, from an energetic long distance early morning hike, to a gentle sunset stroll. We know walks all over the island, from Es Vedra (Atlantis) in the south to San Vicente in the north, plus all points between. Below are a selection of our favourite routes, which we’d recommend taking if you’re looking to explore Ibiza by foot.


This could be our favourite walk, simply because you get to start and finish on our favourite beach of Benirras. It’s a medium level walk which heads up over the hills with great views looking back on Benirras and the famous rock, Cap Bernat. Then it’s a long zigzag trail down past the semi-secret Moon Beach. The second half of the walk takes us back over the hills, through orchards and forest, with more great views of the sea, before returning to Benirras where you could spend the rest of the day chilling, knowing you’ve already had your work out for the day.

Distance: 11 km / Level: Strong medium / Duration: 3.5 hours

San Miguel

Starting and finishing on the beach at San Miguel this is a pretty tough walk. We head south out of San Miguel to see the natural spring and lush fields of fruit trees, before climbing into the hills where you get to enjoy spectacular sea views while passing the iconic Hacienda hotel. We also pass Isla Sa Ferradura (Madonna’s old house) on its own island, and an impressive stone watch tower. Lots to see and a great way to burn calories before refuelling with Sardines at the secret Utopia Chiringuito.

Distance: 10km / Level: Medium / Duration: 4 hours

San Vicente

This challenging walk is all about visiting the shrine of Tanit – the Phoenician goddess of war and fertility – but don’t worry, we won’t be sacrificing any sheep, however, we may stop and pray for rain, especially if it’s a hot dusty summers day. Again this walk starts and finishes on the beach where you can refuel and enjoy the rest of the day on the lovely sand. The walk has great sea views and another secret beach. Tough uphill trails into scented pine forest.

Distance: 8km / Level: Medium with a steep climb up from the beach / Duration: 4 hours

Al Barca

This walk is popular with locals and tourists alike. The route can vary in length depending on where you park. There is also the option of dropping down to a secret beach and even cross an ancient stone bridge. The walk takes in two great viewing points looking over the bay and can vary in difficulty offering even experienced walkers the challenge of clambering over boulders.

Distance: From 4- 7 km / Level: depends on chosen route can vary from easy to hard / Duration: 3-4 hour


You can start at the popular country restaurant Can Sulayetas or in the urbanisation of Isla Blanca (remember to ask about the unfortunate English aristocrat and the Funicular). This walk leads to our favourite secret beach of Portixol with is Fisherman’s huts and gorgeous bay. The new path (supposedly rebuilt by the fisherman’s wives who were tired of their out of work husbands not working and drinking all day) is narrow but not so narrow that said fishermen can’t still navigate down on their mopeds. The climb out on the other side is steep with a network of paths leading back up, through the forest and fields back to Can Sulayetas for well earned-rest.

Distance: 10km / Level: Moderate with testing climb out / Duration: 4 hours

San Carlos

This walk has lots to see, starting in San Carlos, and normally in the famous 60’s hippy hangout, Bar Anita. We head out of the village on a steep track which leads up towards the agrotourismo Can Talaias (formerly owned by Terry Thomas – the 1960’s actor famous for playing an upper class bounder), after quietly walking through the grounds and saying hello to the pigs, we walk through pine forest then descend towards Cala Mastella, before the beach we take a detour to pass one of the islands best known restaurants (El Bigote) famous for turning away the king of Spain, we then traverse the rocks on a narrow path before walking across the beach where you can stop, relax and swim. It’s then back through an ancient vineyard – picking grapes – before returning to San Carlos. If you still have the energy you can visit Can Andreu des Trull, an 18th Century house which is now a museum.

Distance 10km / Level: Medium / Duration: 4 hours

Es Vedra / Atlantis

A trip to Ibiza wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic rock that is Es Vedra. Is it magnetic? We’re not sure, but if you believe it is, then we guess it is. And when here, you wouldn’t want to miss experiencing the spiritual vibes at Atlantis – the lost city – made famous by the hippies.  The quarry produced the stone that built Dalt Villa. The steep decent down starts at a stone spiral and passes a Buddhist Mural. Once there you can swim and jump off the rocks, you can even scratch your name into the limestone. Optional extra of walking up to the pirate tower where the very brave can even clamber across challenging rocky paths.

Distance: 3km / Level: Medium to difficult, the ascent up from Atlantis can be challenging on the sand especially on a hot day / Duration: 2-3 hours

Fast Facts: Active Ibiza Walks
Price: € 200.00  (up to 12 people) then €10 per person
Duration: 3-4 hours
Start time: 09:00 AM
End time: 13:00 PM
Transportation provided to and from activity: No
Meeting location: At walk location
Activity location: At walk location
Languages spoken: English / Spanish
Available (All year): All year
What to bring: Comfortable shoes, ideally walking shoes or trainers, water, snack, small rucksack
What is supplied / included: Guide
Minimum age: 7
Minimum number in group: 1
Maximum number in group: 12
Refund / Cancellation: More than 7 days full refund. More than 24 hours 50% returned. Cancellation less than 24 hours no refund. If we cancel because of rain or bad weather then we will reschedule a new walk on your preferred date