Ibiza Sunset Walk at Heaven’s Gate

The Ibiza Sunset Walk at Heaven’s Gate is a popular tourist attraction located in Ibiza, Spain. It is a hiking trail that leads to a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is relatively easy and suitable for all ages.

The main reason why the Ibiza Sunset Walk at Heaven’s Gate is considered magical is the stunning sunset that can be seen from the cliff. The combination of the orange and red hues of the sunset sky, the sparkling blue sea, and the rugged coastline creates a breathtaking and mesmerizing view. Many people describe the experience as awe-inspiring, spiritual, and even life-changing.

Additionally, the atmosphere at Heaven’s Gate is said to be peaceful and serene, and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape is awe-inspiring. The combination of these factors creates a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors, which is why it has gained a reputation as a magical place.

Overall, the Ibiza Sunset Walk at Heaven’s Gate is considered magical due to its stunning views, peaceful atmosphere, and natural beauty.


The walk takes just over an hour, which we feel is a comfortable walking distance. The walk starts and ends at the Chiringuito at Puertas Del Cielo (heaven’s Gate), where you can gaze out across the sea, enjoy a drink, while the sun goes down. A truly spectacular setting popular with tourists and locals alike.

Fast Facts: Sunset Walk
Price: € 120.00(1 person) then €10 per person
Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Distance: 5 – 7 kms
Difficulty: Easy / Easy+
Start time The departure time varies depending on sunset. The schedule ranges from 19:00 at the beginning of the summer to 20:00
Transportation provided to and from activity: No
Meeting location: Puertas Del Cielo, San Agnes
Activity location: Puertas Del Cielo, San Agnes

Languages spoken: English / Spanish
Available (All year): All year
What to bring: Comfortable shoes, ideally walking shoes or trainers, water, snack, small rucksack
What is supplied / included: Guide
Minimum age: 8
Minimum number in group: 1
Maximum number in group: 12
Refund / Cancellation: More than 7 days full refund. More than 24 hours 50% returned. Cancellation less than 24 hours no refund. If we cancel because of rain or bad weather then we will reschedule a new ride on your preferred date