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Arun has been teaching yoga since 2001. He has trained in several styles including Dynamic Yoga, Iyengar and Sivanandaand, and has developed the Prajna Yoga Method, influenced by his various training and extensive studies in the classical yoga texts and modern  yoga literature. This melting pot of yoga knowledge has produced a beautifully fluid and sensitive style that on one hand is based firmly on the traditional precepts of classical yoga, and on the other an inspiringly innovative practice born of passion and creativity.
Arun imparts an authentic yoga experience balanced between both the physical` and the spiritual, without being subject to ritual, religion or superstition, so allowing all to participate, regardless of personal beliefs or faiths.

Yoga Packages

  • Join a class from €15 an hour
  • Arrange a class for your group, up to twelve, €120
  • Take a personal class of between 75-90 minutes €60

Contact us for information about joining a class, or organising a session for yourself and friends.

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Yoga with Arun