Free Diving


It’s so easy you can do it in the bath. You just go underwater and hold your breath. You can go down, sideways or just stay still – underwater – while not breathing. Yeah, you can do it in your bath, or a swimming pool, but we prefer the crystal clear waters of Ibiza.

The only other thing to remember is the safety and that’s where our guide Louisa comes in.

Louisa is a competitive freediver and AIDA instructor. She began freediving in the famous Blue Hole in Dahab in 2012. After discovering her passion for freediving and talent for depth she joined the British team, and competed at the Freediving World Championships in 2013, with only a few weeks of depth training under her belt.

Louisa is also a Safety Freediver at both pool and depth competitions, and has performed safety for many elite freedivers. She was part of the Safety Team for Vertical Blue 2014, where the team were highly trained by, and worked closely alongside, expert Freediving Medic Tom Ardavany.

She runs Pilates for Freediving clinics at training camps for both athletes and beginner free divers. Louisa is also an EFR Instructor (CPR and First Aid) and an Oxygen Provider.

Louisa offers a 1-day introduction to freediving (about 6-hours in total), or a full certification course which takes 2.5 days. These both include insurance, and training from someone with full profession qualifications.

Fast facts:

Months this activity is available: May-October

Times: daylight hours
Duration: Introduction 1 day / Certificated course 2.5 days

1 day: 1 €180, 2 pax €110 each, 3 pax €82 each

3 day: 1 pax €330, 2 pax €300, 3 pax €290

Maximum group you can take: 4

Minimum number required: 2

What we supply: teaching
What do you need to bring: we can organise equipment with a scuba school (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit)
Deposit policy: 50%

Languages spoken: English, Spanish,

Cancellation policy: minimum 24 hours