Rock Climbing Ibiza

Rock climbing on Ibiza’s good quality limestone challenges you to confront and overcome your limitations while developing teamwork and communication. It connects you with nature, with wild beautiful sea views and landscapes set against a soundscape of harmonious bird song and crashing waves.

Our rock climbing instructors have years of experience, and access to climbing routes with bolts that create removable protection for climbs.

rock climbing
rock climbing on sea cliffs and isolated coves

All safety equipment is provided including:

  • helmet
  • ropes
  • quickdraws
  • carabines
  • harness
  • ATC or gigri
  • climbing shoes
  • chalk bag

Climbs available


For those who have never climbed on natural rock the routes are prepared on top-rope (top-rope climber generally will not fall more than a short distance and can thus safely attempt even the most difficult routes).  Climb  routes of around 30 meters height.

Experienced climbers

If you’re an experienced climber and want to lead climb, the instructor will first need to check your abilities on top rope before making the final decision.

Experienced climbers that want to experience the next level can enter into the world of multi-pitch climbing
NB. Climbers need to first pass a small test.


For a guided outdoor climb of between 4 to 5 hours.

Number of climbers price
1 or 2 people €250
3 people €300
4 people €400

The price for 1 or 2 people in the winter months is €200.

rock climbing featured image
a wide range of rock climbing on sharp limestone rock

Fast facts

Fee includes: All equipment except shoes,; shoes can be rented.
Where: We know climbs all over the island and will chose a location dependent upon the weather.
Available: All year
Recommend you bring: sun cream, hat. water, fruit, confortable clothing and sport shows, any personal climbing gear
Language spoken: English, Spanish
Cancellation policy: More than 7 days full refund. More than 24 hours 50% returned. Cancellation less than 24 hours no refund.If we cancel because of rain or bad weather then we will reschedule a new climb on your preferred date.

Anyone from the age of four years old can take part in one of our bespoke climbs.

Rock climbing enquiry

Please tell us the experience,if any, in your group e.g. any grades achieved and experience climbing indoors or outside.
Rock Climbing Ibiza