Ingrid from Rotterdam runs Benirras

I’m Traveling to Ibiza and Taking my Running Shoesrunning in ibiza

When blogger Ingrid visited Ibiza from Rotterdam, it was her running gear and not a trendy outfit that she packed first. And it wasn’t a beach-bed where she got her holiday rest, it was an 11k trail run. You can read her blog here.

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It’s Tuesday evening. My plane will depart within 12 hours. Not much time to pack my bags. I made a shortlist with the most important things I will need in Ibiza: my running Nikes, my credit card and my passport.

Two weeks ago I decided I need a weeks rest, with some nice weather. But especially without working, no housework, no cooking, no appointments and busy agenda. I need rest so I booked a trip to Ibiza, and before I knew I googled the words: sports, active, running and Ibiza. I even searched for marathon+ibiza. Not the most usual words for someone who needs rest, is it?

The first days on Ibiza I did some short runs (up to 3,5 K), a little bit of swimming but above all, being lazy on my beach bed. But that only made me restless. I’m not the kind of person who de-stresses with doing nothing for the whole day. For me, it results in a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

run ibiza, running, trail run

Luckily I planned a trail run on Sunday morning with Active Ibiza! After a few meters of running with my running guide Artash, my mood immediately changed for the better . We left the trendy Benirras Beach and went up into the hills.

I’ve never done a trail run before. I only do road running because I’m always very afraid of twisting ankles or getting any other kind of injury. And in Rotterdam, the biggest ‘mountain’ we have is the Erasmusbridge. So I’m not a very experienced uphill runner.

run ibiza, jogging, Benirras

The first kilometers we ran uphill. On winding roads, through the pine trees. Then we arrived at the top. Wow, what a beautiful view. The bay of Benirras really looks picturesque from this point. Amazing rocks and the water is so clear you can nearly see the fish . On a sunny day, this sheltered bay is a popular spot with people who gather in the late afternoon to listen to the drummers that have descended upon the beach … drumming into the sunset’ at this iconic hippie ritual. This drumming is a unique Ibiza experience, established over many years. 

Then the path meanders downhill towards the secret ‘Moon Beach’. I really have to be carefull where to put my feet. There are a lot of big and smaller stones. My arms are twisting around to keep my balance. But that’s no problem. Because I really like doing this. It’s so much fun. Sometimes we stop for a while to enjoy the sea views and small hidden beaches. Ibiza’s nature is so beautiful .

And besides that, the running gives me energy and inspiration I wonder why I never did trail running before. I will definitely do this again. Ibiza is well known for it’s party culture. That’s why I had doubts about going there. But, there are so many active things for sporty people to enjoy and I can definitely recommend the running.

Ingrid from Rotterdam runs Benirras