Ear Acupuncture and Biodynamic Cranio-SacraI

Focus of life on the path to self realization and the recognition of the truth of who we really are.

Satya offers two techniques that can be practiced separately, or combined with excellent results.

satay_borderEar Acupuncture

This is a technique that uses the acupressure points of the external ear to diagnose and treat pain and body ailments. The external ear is a map and microsystem of the body;, this microsystem is connected to the brain’s neurological reflexes and to the central nervous system. The treatment can be performed by using needles, laser, electrical stimulation or seed’s adhesive for self treatment Uses: It is widely used as a preventive treatment and to treat many diseases or conditions such as chronic or acute pain , headache , joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia , infertility, hemorrhoids, dizziness, insomnia, attention deficit hyperactivity disojder, emotional conditions as depression , anxiety , stress , addictions to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, weight control and appetite among many other disorders.
Fee: 72

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral

This is a form of subtle and profound healing that helps the body’s innate ability of self adjustment and realignment .

Physically it affects the central nervous system and skeletal system.

Emotionally releases unresolved traumas that have been encapsulated in the body.

Spiritually opens the door to connect with our inner peace, our true and supreme essence.

About Satya

Satya M. Mir has worked as an acupuncture specialist in the health field since 2000 in Europe and Asia.

Graduate Of ECAN (International Natural Acupuncture).
Member of the Association of International Union of Complementary Medicines.

Ear Acupuncture and Biodynamic Cranio-SacraI